Marianne Paiva

Egg Research and Participant Information

California State University, Chico

In Summer 2018, Dr. Paiva will be conducting research about backyard chickens and eggs in rural communities in Northern California. This research will investigate the motivations for keeping backyard chickens, the impressions of chicken flocks, and assess collected eggs for known potential contaminants due to wildfire exposure or industrial contamination. 

If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Paiva through the webpage


Participation Expectations

  • Complete a survey or interview answering questions about your chickens
  • Allow Dr. Paiva to collect 4-6 eggs for contaminant assessment
  • Allow photography or submit a photo of the chicken coop and run

Participation Criteria 

  • Butte County flock location
  • Flock located in an area recently affected by wildfires, OR
  • Any flock located in the greater Oroville area
  • Egg producing flock